Monday, 11 March 2013

How to End World Hunger

World hunger is a serious issue no doubt with billions of people going hungry everyday and the human population rising everyday. So is there way to stop it? CAN we stop it? Or is there nothing we can do?
Millions of children die from starvation daily across the world and though we all say world hunger is a big issue, and have been for years, where's the fix?

60% of the world grain feeds farm animals.
13 pounds of grain = 1 pound of beef (Not to mention the amount of clean water)
1 acre of land= 20 pounds of beef OR 365 pounds of protein rich soyabeans.

What does that mean?

If you eat meat you are prevent someone else from eating.

This does not mean you can never eat it, more like eat less of it. The less animals being raised and killed for it  (there are those who die and are not made into human food as well) then the more grain left over which can feed other people and can be sent to help those in desperate need of food.

You may scoff at first thinking I'm just being a 'stupid veg person' but the numbers DO NOT ADD UP.

Every year 150+ billion animals are killed for food. There is roughly 7 billion humans on the planet.

That is millions of pounds of grain being lost through meat and we don't even get a good return, 13 pounds for 1 pound is not good and you also have to consider the amount of water those farm animals are drinking while in some places they can't drink the water as it'll make them horribly sick.

So in Conclusion, how can we make world hunger a thing of the past?

East less Meat

Meat Free Mondays are a great way to start! Trust me; it's easier than you think.

What about fish? That's not part of causing world hunger right? Well I'll do another post on that because believe me it'll be a long one and needs serious addressing before it truly is too late.

For now though, I leave you again and as always your comments, thoughts and any issues you want covered or clarified are desired.

See you next time!
Clare x

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