Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Save the Badgers!

The british badger will be facing genocide this summer as 70% of the population will be killed.


Because the UK government refuses to use a vaccine to fight bovine TB, they'd rather just decimate a species.

A vaccine DOES exist and it is much cheaper to implement than a 'cull' but our government would rather spend half a million pounds in a recession so they can kill off a species. Most of the money being spent is going to policing the 'cull' so that protestors and hunt saboteurs don't get in the way. The majority of the public is against the cull so like any good democracy they're going ahead with it.

The UK government has shown time and time again that is is NOT a democracy by ignoring public opinion and now thousands of badgers will pay with their lives and activists with their freedom as they do everything to prevent the insanity.

This is not just about 'a few badgers' it's about how the so called 'democracy' we live in is more like a dictatorship. We must protect these badgers as doing this will send a powerful message, that we will not just sit down when they demand we do and that we will fight for all that we hold dear.

How to help

-Boycott UK produce (Other countries produce the same foods so just buy those labeled as being Spain or some other country)
- Donate to a UK Hunt Saboteur group or help out your local one
- Spread the word

Save the British badger or else we may lose them completely.

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