Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Everyone's going mad over marriage!

So at the moment everyone's buzzing about the supreme court case for marriage equality and now gay rights but I've got to ask you, especially those who are against gay rights; Does Human Rights include Gay Rights?

Before you jump up and down yelling no (for those saying yes well done to you) then just rethink that not in terms of something that doesn't fit your religion or ideology but try to see it without the all of the black and white imagery. As a human you have a right to not be discriminated against; Racism for example is taken very seriously now days as it is targeting specific groups of people. This Human Right also includes sexual orientation and then using that laws against being homosexual are a violation of human rights.

You don't need to support Gay Rights to see that since gay humans are still human any discrimination specific at targeting them is against human rights.

Then as it would be discrimination to not allow marriage of certain couples Gay marriage should be legal.

Cultures and society's will have different views on it depending on their ideologies but as we have Human Rights we should not be able to ban it in any country.

A little interesting fact: The last time North Dakota (US state) changed their laws on marriage it was to outlaw inter-race marriages; this includes mixed race individuals like myself up until the 3rd generation (I'm 2nd generation).
Obviously that's a breech of human rights there but nothing is currently being done about it.

Hopefully the supreme court will rule that not allowing marriage equality is a breech of humans rights because if they do that it could mean all laws will need to change not just for gay marriage but for places like North Dakota.

If you support the case for gay rights then the group Humans Rights Campaign is urging all on facebook to change their display picture to the below image to show support. If you aren't already a fan I'd suggest liking the page even if it's just to follow the case.

Comment your thoughts and feelings as always guys!
Until next time,
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