Friday, 3 May 2013

Mozambique Rhino's Extinct

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It's official; poachers have killed the last 15 rhino's in Mozambique for their horns.

This just highlights how selfish humans can be and how those actions have horrific consequences; it's not like they were killed as they were a threat to human life as that's more understandable but rather they were killed for their horns.

Humans are pushing so many species to extinction so they might have something pretty to wear or for 'medication' and other such things which are completely pointless. It's beyond sad to think about it and this just highlights how quickly it can happen, before you know it there won't be any rhino's left in Africa.

Let's just take a moment to promise to ourselves to buy anything made from another person be it rhino, human, shark, lion or anyone else because if we do they'll be gone before you know. Less demand means less need to supply afterall.

Clare x

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