Thursday, 28 February 2013

Horse meat scandal? Why are we so upset over it?

We've all heard about this 'horse meat scandal' hundred of times now on tv as new products are found containing horses but really what's all the fuss about?

I'm vegetarian going vegan and from my own belief's if you can eat a pig you can eat a dog, if you eat a cow you can eat a horse. The only reason you would find it disgusting is because you've been brought up to see a horse as a pet and not as food unlike the cow or baby sheep AKA lamb that you'll probably be eating on Sunday.

Is the fuss because you were lied to? Well I ask you this: Why are you surprised that an industry that makes millions from killing and hiding the truth of what goes on behind their doors would actually care about what's in the meat? It is an industry they only care about profit; nothing else. You can not trust them to do their jobs in checking and now their refusing to check children's sweets containing gelatine for horse DNA which is very very possible for them to contain and I actually always assumed did.

If your upset over this horse DNA thing you need to rethink how you view 'food' animals as in some countries they'll happily eat a horse but for some reason you seem to think it immoral? Well I say it's immortal to eat anybody when alternatives exist; pleasure is not an excuse to continuing eating animals and lets not forget some serial killers kill for pleasure shall we, I don't see a difference between eating an animal for the sake of pleasure when you have alternatives available are being any different from killing a human for the sake of pleasure.

Horses are not the only beings who wish to live.

Feel free to comment your views as always and I'm interested to see why you're upset, if you are that is, over this whole scandal.

See you next time!

Clare x

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