Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My theory on the Boston Marathon Bombings

We've all seen this in the news and all over facebook,youtube, twitter, google, etc and I'm sure everyone has their own thoughts on it and the purpose of these bombs and this is literally just me quickly explaining my theory which may or may not be correct as it is just a THEORY which doesn't mean it's fact.

My theory:
These bombs were clearly homemade so you assume they weren't made by a well known organisation and this 'attack' was merely a test run for the bombs to see how powerful they actually were.

Why do I think this?

Well considering the number of bombs they had a lot more people could've died or been injured if they had been correctly placed in some strategic manner e.g. causing people to flee in one direction then having a larger bomb or several in the area the people will go towards. This didn't really seem like a very good attempt at killing people at all and these bombs were all over the place so either the person or people responsible have no idea how to correctly plan something or this wasn't an attempt at killing a large number of people.

Also think about the decided locations of the bombs; the marathon route was covered in media. This means that it would be easy to see the damage caused by each bomb without even needing to be at the marathon allowing for the person(s) to spectate how successful the bombs were.

Obviously I don't know all the facts of the case and things are still unfolding but that was my initial thought the day the news of it came on tv. It just didn't feel like there was any real malice behind it in terms of trying to kill people, they wanted to see the kind of effect it would have in a public space for future plans. So if this is true then these bombs are only the beginning and Boston and surrounding areas could become under serious threat as more testing is done and they become better at building these bombs.

Regardless of what the motive truly was let us hope the criminals responsible for them are removed from society and placed into some kind of rehabilitation program. Why a rehab program? Well you don't want them converting others in prison to their cause now do you?

Our thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by the bombs and we wish all of them will recover without any complications.

If anyone has any thoughts on my theory or if you have one of your own then share it! It won't hurt anyone to do that and so what if we all turn out to be wrong? Least we tried to come to a logical conclusion and that's worth something!


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