Monday, 22 April 2013

Earth Day Celebrations!

So today is Earth Day, the one day of the year people actually have to think about the environment until next year anyway.

But what's the point in partaking? Whether you believe in Global Warming or not you just just take a few moment to say "Thanks Planet!" since if the Earth wasn't here you wouldn't be either!

Everyone always does the standard turning off the lights for an hour and sure that's good but its nothing if you don't turn off electrical items if you're not using them so instead of just doing one thing on one day a year because everyone else is doing it why not aim for one tiny little thing each day or once a week?

Here's a little list of tiny things you can do to help the planet on a weekly basis:

- Meat free Monday
- Put that plastic bottle in the recycling bin if there's one around
- Donate some unwanted clothes or items
- Dispose of those batteries properly!
- Buy local when you can 
- Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth 
- Wash dishes in a bowl or put the plug in 
- Put some food out for the birds e.g. seed balls or take some birds at the local park some stale bread
- Add a few plants to your garden or windowsill
- Turn the lights off when you don't need it and at night

See? Little things that add up to one big thing!

It doesn't matter how you celebrate Earth Day, whether you act on one day or all throughout the year.

Happy Earth Day, Earthlings! 

See you in the next one,
Clare x

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