Saturday, 13 April 2013

Cuts will "Help people back into work"?

I haven't posted a new blog in AGES so I figured I'd do a quick one now then another either later today or tomorrow.

If you're in the UK you're bound to know about all the cuts going on to welfare and benefits. You're also bound to know that millions of Britons are now homeless because they can't afford to live in a house and there's no space in council houses. So if people already can't afford an actual home then what's with the price of living going up even more?
This is not just affecting those without children, thousands of children are now homeless and unable to go to school or able to afford school thanks to the removal of EMA preventing many from buying school supplies.

Apparently putting up the price of living will "help people back into work". The only problem there is that THERE ARE NO JOBS. The majority of us must've heard about the scramble for eight jobs at a coffee shop- almost 2000 people applied for it many of which were over qualified. If this is what it's like now then how can you expect people can get a new job? Sure forcing households to put out more money will mean they have to find another way of making extra money but new jobs just aren't easy to come by when everyone else in the area wants it as well.

These new added taxes will make it harder for households who have to cope with rising energy bills and increasing food prices. We're going to see thousands of Britons losing their homes and even more homeless children, these taxes won't help our situation at all.

But I mean,what do you think? How do you think theses taxes could have a positive effect?
Comment your thoughts as always guys.

Clare x

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